R.I.P. WordPress 4.x and me; Expect WordPress 5.0 to be released from 19 November

R.I.P. WordPress 4.x and me

Lest you thought I had said my piece
Quest brought to me bless-ed release
Best try to find peace within you
Blessed I do resigned continue
Distressed ought to fraught rest in peace*

Alan Grace
20 October 2018

* Until WordPress 5.0 is here (finally)?

Daily Prompts:


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Expect WordPress 5.0 to be released from 19 November. See:
The next WordPress 5 release date is scheduled on 19th of November 2018 (+ plus 8 days are as a backup if necessary). But this isn’t strict deadline, because developers openly count on the option that they won’t be fast enough with all bugs fixing.
So if they will expect, that it is not a good idea to release WordPress 5 by the end of November/ beginning of December, they have another target date for release – January 22, 2019. See:




Share your best posts (you do not need a prompt); Daily prompt spreadsheet updates automatically each day

Share your best posts

Express chief brief rave be brave
Yes be no knave nor Cree slave
Foresee most need to wait
Your key posts be too great
Guest host best latest brain wave

Alan Grace
17 October 2018

Daily Prompts:


Believe in yourself; Daily prompt spreadsheet updates automatically each day:
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Believe in yourself

Woe what a wicked web we weave
When we addicted self-deceive
Oh just how prejudicial
So must now be official
Trust in ourselves we must believe

Alan Grace
8 October 2018

Daily Prompt: Believe

My online spreadsheet is now set up to automatically generate a new (recycled) prompt each day (around midnight GMT).
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All is now set up to work on autopilot:)

You may like to look at my posts for each daily prompt.
I like to look at heaps of quotes 🙂

Time for me to have another social media detox maybe until WordPress 5.0 finally arrives 😉 See:

P.S. I’ll write less often but will still be online 😉

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True genius

Choose a new October date
Sheet you prompt will calculate
New spreadsheet thus
True genius
For you links too will update

Alan Grace
5 October 2018

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Alan Grace


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