In Time

Debbie Gravett

It’s time has come and gone
Something that is over
Needs to be left behind
And I try so hard
Lying to myself in the hope
That I will believe that it is true
If I say it oft’ enough
It will be so
I wish to move forward
But don’t know how
This anchor weighing me down
Memories and miseries
Blame and guilt at war
Dreaming of what ifs
Different outcomes
None coming to pass
Because what is done is done
To release these burdens
Give myself wings to fly
Leaving behind
That which doesn’t serve me
Washing my hands of that time
It will always be
One of my building blocks
I thank it for its purpose
In the greater scheme of my life
Burn angers and resentments
In the words of release
Take ownership
For that which is mine
And continue to delve
Into that which plagues…

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