Do you need resources for your posts? Daily prompts automatically updated each day (or type in your own keyword)

True genius II

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True genius
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Alan Grace
20 November 2018

You can download my Excel spreadsheet below to view today’s daily prompt (from last year) or type in your own keyword in the green box- you may need to enable editing (at the top of the sheet): DailyPrompts2017OnlinePrompt

You can also view the link below daily to see each day’ s prompt (the spreadsheet is updated automatically every day- may not work in 2019):

Remember to view the online Excel spreadsheet.
Press F9 key to recalculate sheet.

Sample Daily Prompt:

Daily PromptGenius
Share your Best Posts is a combination of the WordPress POSTADAY and DAILY PROMPT sites
Your best posts may also be added here (no prompt required)
See Alan’s posts for today’s prompt:Alan’s Posts
To add your post, include this link in your post:
See the list of Daily Prompt posts here (same link):
Do you need some inspiration for your blogging? These resources using today’s prompt may help 🙂
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Poems,  Songs, Cartoons, Quotes, Rhymes
Daily PromptGenius
DateSaturday, 6 October 2018
View the online Excel spreadsheetClick to view today’s prompt
Alan’s PostsAlan Grace’s posts containing today’s prompt
Paul’s PostsPaul F. Lenzi’s posts containing today’s prompt
Daily Prompt: Genius2017 Posts on WordPress Daily Prompt site
(Copy and paste Daily Prompt link anywhere to add your post)
WordPress SearchWordPress Search for prompt (may be slow)
Poetry SoupFamous and member poems with the prompt
QuotesQuotes with the prompt
Rhymes/ DefinitionsWords that rhyme with the prompt
SongsSongs with the prompt
CartoonsCartoons with the prompt
Images (Google)Images with the prompt
Images (Pexels)
Images (Pixabay)
MemesMemes with the prompt
Kim Jong Un
Slideshow of Alan’s PostsSlideshow of random posts
Today’s best photosThe Guardian’s best photos
Thought/ Proverb for TodayEnglish and Maori
Word of the DayYou can use this as a prompt if you like
Quote of the Day
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Look here for a list of daily prompts and posts:
Include the link above in your post to share it.
You may share:
* a post with a prompt (from any date)
* your favourite post (you do not need a prompt)
* a post with someone’s else prompt
Please also see the list of alternate prompts for today at:
You will also find a link to the Daily Prompts as a comment at the bottom of the above page.
All the best with your blogging
Alan Grace

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