Red bra (lost and found)

Red bra (lost and found)

Twinkle twinkle little star
Wonder Jenny where you are
Tempus fugit quick tick tock
Once upon the cuckoo clock
All you see is ruby bra

Alan Grace
14 January 2019

In our previous home we used to sometimes drop clothes for washing from the top floor to the hallway leading to the laundry.

My brother and niece visited us about twenty years ago and noticed a red bra hanging from the cuckoo clock.

Two years ago we had Christmas at our place and the story of the red bra was retold.

Yesterday I noticed some bags of clothes downstairs and asked Jenny to go through them to see if she wanted to keep any of the clothes.

The red bra was found in one of the bags.

I wonder how long it will take Jenny to notice the bra once again on the cuckoo clock?,_Twinkle,_Little_Star



A Better Me

Happy New year. All the best for 2019 🙂


Debbie Gravett

Mirror on the wall
Mirror in my soul
What do you show
Of this last year gone by?
Struggles and triumphs
A mixed bag of experience
Lessons and life
Reflected as one
None with regret
None with disdain
For all have contributed
To this who I am
Gratitude filled
For a life lived, and still living
I take no giant leap
No declared resolutions
Just because it is New Year
My building and growing
Happen every day of my existence
Perhaps this time is for planning
Assessing what I have done
But no more important
Than the rest of my life
For if I fail in the first week
The year is not done
I choose each day
To look into my soul
To look into the mirror
In pursuit of
An improved version of me

Debbie Gravett © 2018.12.30

FOWC: Pursuit
Image by Pixabay/MableAmber

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