Sad loss

Sad loss

Why is my mind not at ease
I do not like this disease
They want to take away
A free i-site a day
I hate losing my freebies

Alan Grace
3 February 2019

Have you noticed how many free (or nearly free) web sites/ services are disappearing?

In March last year my original personal email address (that I had for over 10 years) that used to cost me $1 per month (including an hour’s internet access back in the days of dial-up) went up in price to $5 per month so I no longer kept it.

At the end of May last year WordPress stopped producing Daily Prompts.

My free web hosting (with a free sub-domain) stopped last month.
Consequently my web pages no longer exist now.

My Google+ sites will no longer exist from 2 April.

I no longer have a landline phone because the price went up $5 per month supposedly passed on by the ISP I was using through increased maintenance costs for the “copper” network (there is still no fibre network in my street until next year). I was already paying $3 per month for maintenance.

I miss access to these sites/digital things that now/will longer exist.


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