Peace and quiet


COVID Odyssey by Alan Grace

Peace and quiet

I’m not some silly dumb fool
One free month of feeling cool
Quiet peace all enjoying
None- not one call annoying
From marketers or for school

Alan Grace
24 February 2019

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It is now over a month since I stopped having a landline phone. I was not using it much anyway.

No longer any calls from telephone marketers.

Also my old landline number was the same as a local school except for the last digit. So no more calls from people trying to contact the local school (who put in the number wrong).

I changed my internet service provider (ISP) in January.

My new ISP does not supply a landline number.

The monthly cost is les than one-half of my previous cost (which included a landline).

My broadband is faster. I can now see movies without pauses while the movie continues…

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