Rest now Jim, we are all right
’Twas God’s whim to fail your fight
You’re with Him, always in sight
Memories dim, our thoughts stay bright
Whene’er we see fantails aflight
Brown grey feathers fantailed with white
Twittering towards sunshine’s bright light
Flittering forwards fearing the night.

Alan Grace
14 July 2006


Jim passed away in March 2006. Jim is J’s dad.

After the “celebration” of his life in Carterton (Wairarapa, NZ) in 2006, J and I went for a local bush walk.

The fantails were extremely friendly, flying very close to J’s head. The next day in Martinborough on the road where Jim lived, a fantail even landed on the concrete path between J and me.

Ever since, fantails have had a very special significance to us.

I wrote this poem as a result of our experience.

Occasionally we see fantails, sometimes close to the windows of our home in Auckland.

I found this poem again today, while searching for something else on the internet.


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